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May. 8th, 2007 | 03:52 pm
location: @school
mood: boredbored
music: my teacher shouting around

well, it's me again. i'm sitiing in the library with my german class and i'm supposed to do some research on the internet but i don't really feel like it, so i thought, i should give you a sign that i'm still alive.

how are u all at uni anf stuff? as you know, i'm still at school and not much has changed.
the weather is awesome. it is april and 25°C, which is the hottest april ever... (in germany) ;)

i heard about you guys partying a lot? i'd love to join you, cause you're such a cool party-crew, especially little drunk nabhan ;)

mhh, what else? i got my licence and i already got caught by the police cause it was snowing and i wasn't exactly going straight.. rather a bit on the other side of the road, cause it was my very first day of my licence and i was a bit afraid of the snow and the darkness and some other stuff ;) well.. the police thought i had taken drugs and they were about to take me to the police-station to test me, but there was this young police-man and obviously i didn't look like a druggy too much, so the let me go.

we are reading macbeth at the moment.. and hey, i really don't like it. i don#t like this stupid english.... grrr... but after that our next subject will be australia.. YEAH, that will be the time of my glory ;)

well guys, the lesson is over and i can finally go home now. hope all of you are fine and say hello to the rest of yous.

love u, byebye

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well..yeah.. i'm still kindo of alive

Nov. 30th, 2006 | 03:02 pm
location: cold germany
mood: tiredtired
music: -

hey guys,
can you remember me? yeah, i'm the german girl with the red hair. i know, you didn't hear anything from me in aaages. i don`t know why, but i really felt like writing something in english. my english is getting horrible. i definitely have to come to australia again. germany is just toooo cold to enjoy all the christmas stuff outsideanyway, even though it is actually far too warm for this time of the year.
what happend? mhh.. nothing interesting. i'm just doing school stuff aaaall the time and i feel like dying. it's just TOO much !!!
..and i'm almost done with my licence.. aaaalmost.. is still have to finally get it ;)
well, i hope you're all fine in the hot summer weather over there. and sonjamin? please go and find pato, he still owes us money for the drink and some nice photos.

just in case anyone is interested in this information.. but I'M TURNING 18 IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK!!!!

hope to speak to you more often, miss u guys.
byebye and lots of german love

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Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 12:17 pm
location: zu hauseee
mood: calmcalm
music: the shins

i just returned from amsterdam.. well, maybe not just, it was three days ago, but anyway, it was funny over there. everyone was sitting around and smoking dope. mhh, even grandmas. that was a tiny little bit weird. but you just have to joing them, then it is fine. apart from that, amsterdam is a nice city. there are heaps of markets, which i like. and i've learned some dutch : Avfall control in dee coeken. i don't know exactly how it is spelled, but it means "Rubbishcontrol in the kitchen." it might be useful.. someday???
and sonja, i had to think of you, cause everyone was to lazy to walk..i waas sooo annoyed, i had to spend more money on the public transport, than on food, and that is definetly the WRONG way!!! grr...
mhh, today, it is my last day of holidays and it pisses me off a lot. i don't want to go back to school.. school is so busy and boring..
aw well, i can't do anything about it anyway, so i will have to sit through it..
so guys,..
i hope someone is coming to visit me someday.. i would love u to.
byebye and a big kiss !!!

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Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 01:07 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: ben harper

sonjaaa?? i bought the tickets and i went to the homepage... hey, you will love it.. ben harper is coming, donovan frankenreiter and..... wolfmother... http://www.southside.de/ the strokes, the hives and so on...
so, it's from the 23. till the 25. of june and we can stay at my sister's
i'm sooo excited !!!

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Mar. 31st, 2006 | 05:08 pm
location: @home
mood: bitchybitchy
music: nothing

it was exactly 8°C today and a bit of sun and even if there was such a strong wind that you were completely blown away, everyone thought it was spring. all the people were standing outside and taking off their jackets and most of all everyone was in a good mood. you could say good morning bitch to everyone and everyone just answered, moooooorning, what a nice day today with this massive smile on their faces. what a great day, up to the point when this stupid guy told me, that he doesn't like me. i don't even know him, i've talked to him maybe once or twice and i told him that he is smoking too much and that he smells bad.. maybe he doesn't like me because of that.. probably... but still, we wanted to go somewhere tonight and then i found out that this guy organized everything and so i asked him if i can come and he was just like.. well, not really, but if you have to, then please, come.. tse
what an ashole... "if i really have to" no i don't .. i can have my own fun... grrr, i'm in such a bad mood now, you can't believe it..and i asked him why he doesn't like me and he didn't even tell me why, he just said, that it is my own fault.. and i said sorry for the smoking and smelling thing and he just walked away.. well, that's a bit overreacted, don't you think??
i will stay at home tonight and cry all night long.. and on monday i will kich that guy in his fat ugly ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

son? sis u find out anything about the reddies? if not, there is this really cool festival where my sis and daniel are going to.. it's in june, i think the 25. but i'm not quite sure... anyway, pretty cool people like seeed and sportfreunde stiller and mando diao and people like that (you probably don't know them) are coming.. it is called southside so in case u wanna go? it is 90 bucks though.. but it goes for two days and we could sleep at my sister's .. soooo tell me soon, otherwise the tickets will be sold out

love u all

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Mar. 22nd, 2006 | 06:39 pm
mood: sicksick
music: jack johnson, of course

monday was THE day! i got my best surfer outfit out of the cupboard and went to the jack johnson concert. it was awesome, but there is one thing i certainly didn't like... all the germans!!! i thought, aw well, it will be sooo relaxed and everyone will be in a good mood and there will be heaps of dope heads chilling around... hahahahahaaaaaa... not the germans !! it was just 5 hours of pushing and screaming and fighting with stupid people and so on.. it was like a hundred of young teenie girls on a back street boys' concert. i had this perfect place right in the middle of the third row, but after like two hours of waiting and one crappy band and one really good artist and again a lot of waiting.. i have to admit that i was reaaaally angry at good old jacky cause he tooooook his time and took his time.., till he entered the stage and the crowd went wild.. well, after about 5 songs, i had to leave my perfect place, cause i couldn't breathe anymore... hui, i felt like shit and i thought, NO, i don't want to be a stupid girl that passes out and some scary security guy has to take it to another room, where it misses out on the whole concert..
but this turned out to be the best move i could do.. i had some drinks (of water..haha) and i met a guy i know, which was pretty lucky, cause the hall was huuuuuuge.. and he showed me the place where the relaxed people were standing.. so we went there, chilled with the cool people and enjoyed the music..
soooooo, in case you ever wanna go to a jack johnson concert in germany, just relax and stay in the back !!!

but now i'm sick and my voice has vanished.. :(

sooo, love u guys and miss u

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food, food and even more food

Mar. 5th, 2006 | 12:33 pm
mood: creative

son will like this entry..hehe
well, yesterday night, two of my best friends(guys, yeaaah, that's an example, he?), they cooked for us. oh my god, it was sooo much and sooo good.
1. pineapple and dryed plum in bacon ( i know it sounds weird but it was really good)
2. tomato-coconut soup ( ... )
3. spaghetti carbonara à la cuisine
4. red wine-rasperry-creme... yuuuuuumm

and we had to wear formal clothes.. the guys were wearing a suit and girsl a dress.. haha
and we were listening to classical music.
well, it was sooo funny, but i was just tooooooooo full. i think i won't be able to eat anything for three days...

son, i missed you! :)

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Mar. 1st, 2006 | 04:50 pm
mood: embarrassedembarrassed
music: helden

i woke up this morning.. after about 20 hours of necessary sleep, cause my body had to cope with something that shouldn't be in there (yeah, exactly, faaaar too much alcohol)..
well, i woke up, because it was remarkable bright outside my window and i thought "yeaaaah, the sun is shining(i haven't seen the sun since i left australia) the spring is coming, where are my summer clothes???" and then the shock. i opened the curtains and there it was ... SNOOOW.. everywhere, it was just white, nothing else, just WHITE.. yeah, of course it looked pretty and i thought awww, there it is.. my white christmas for the last year. but this positive opinion about this huge amount of snow lying around changed immediately when i left the house. it was just freezing and i swear if you don't move at these temperatures, you just freeze to the ground. brrr..so i jumped arounf from one leg to the other and walked on the spot, till my stupid friend finally came to pick me up.. and then i came to school and everyone just had this massive smile when they saw me.. "heeeeeeeeey, meike? how are u? feeling alright again?" and i was just like.."haha, funny, i can'T remember anything of this monday night, but i'm sure, i did a lot of really embarassing things" well, i was right. they told me things which were even worse than my imaginary.. ahh, i'm so embarassed, but i mean they might have made it up, cause they (hopefully) can't proof it.. hehe

aw well, i'm enjoying my jouth.. haha
love u guys and hope you're doing well at uni.. so u can get good jobs, earn a lot of money and buy me a house in australia and my own jet to fly over there.. thanks..

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Feb. 27th, 2006 | 04:32 pm
mood: crazycrazy
music: faschingssongs =)

weeelll, i didn't experience anything special the last week. it was just boring ordinary school life.. but this weekend was or is awesome.. cause it's faschings/karnevals-time in gerrmany. this time consist out of dressing up, drinking A LOT, ignoring the freezing temperatures by wearing a short skirt or something like that, meeting a lot of new people or people you haven't seen in ages, making fun of weird looking people, being jealous at people whose costumes are much better and funnyer than your own one, singing or screaming stupid faschingssongs with realllly intelligent lyrics like for example 'I'm always drinkind beer, i'm always drinkind beer, till it's enough, till it's too much.. and so on' yeah that's pretty much about it.. yeah, it sounds a bit senseless but it's a lot of fun, maybe not as cool as in brasil, but still..
i've been to three parties and the parade and it was so much fun.. the best costume i've seen was this toilet. it was great. the person was the back part of the toilet and it had the huge thing where you sit on in front of it and you could open it and put bottles in there and you could press a button and the sound of the toilet came.. yeah, it was sooo funny, but pretty uncomfi, i guess.

well, i have to prepare myself for the last and hopefully the best party this evening.. soo guys have fun at uni and i miss one special person, when i'm surrounded by drunk people and they're just not as funny as this certain person ;)

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Feb. 18th, 2006 | 02:35 pm
mood: coldcold
music: ben harper

my english teacher:meike?why didn't you stay in australia?
meike:cause...i don't know, cause it was too expensive, cause i have to finish school and so on!
teacher(who lived in oz for 2 years): well, it was the most stupid decision to come back to germany!
meike:well, why didn't you stay then?
teacher: because of my parents and my girlfriend at that time!but you should go back and live there, cause your children won't have any perspectives here in germany..there aren't any jobs..
meike:well, but my parents would kill me!
teacher: aww, just take them!
meike:they might not want to come!
teacher:don't worry, if they are old the will come..
meike:why should they? my dad can't even speak proper english and we have our house here and everything..and my dad doesn't fly..he's scared!
teacher:okay, but just go and marry there..your parents will understand that, if your husband lives over there..
meike:yeah true, why not?

sooooooooo guys..find me the perfect husband and i'll be back .. hehe

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